Why Have a Custom Wedding Song?

1. As an incredibly thoughtful, romantic surprise for your spouse    <-----*most popular*

2. As a song to dance your first dance to

3. As a unique "thank you" gift to your guests

4. As a special song that captures the love and excitement of your wedding day forever

Past wedding songs and testimonials:


"7 Kisses" 

MJ + Igor

MJ wanted to surprise Igor by walking down the aisle to their very own song. The lyrics had all sorts of little details about their relationship, and Igor LOVED it! Here's what MJ had to say about the song: 

"This song meant so much to me as its about my past and how my husband helped me through some tough times. Walking down the aisle to this song made our big day so much more memorable. Thanks Danny!" -MJ


7 Kisses - Danny Schmitz (MJ and Igor

"Worth The Wait" 

While Trevor is stationed over seas serving in the Military, he still manages ways to surprise Julie and make her feel special. She wanted a unique way to surprise him for their wedding day and let him know that he's Always Worth The Wait.

"Danny was super awesome to work with! He was able to really capture the message and feeling that I wanted to give to my significant other. He used real stories that I gave him to write the lyrics, and he has an amazing talent in writing, singing, and guitar playing! The song is beautiful. I can’t wait to suprise my fiancee with it!" - Julie

Worth The Wait - Danny Schmitz
Julie + Trevor

Evan wanted an upbeat, but emotional song to surprise his fiance Alicia with. Her nick-name was Bales, and he wanted the way he often called her "Hey Bales!" in the song. We made that the main hook of the song! Here's what Evan said about the song:  

"You won't believe how many people LOVE the fact I had a song made for her. I have you to thank for that. She still gets emotional when she hears it, and she wears it (shows it to people) like a badge of honor." - Evan

"Hey Bales"

Evan + Alicia
Count On Me and You (Hey Bales) - Danny Schmitz
Rachel + Ross

"All I'll Ever Need"

Meet Rachel and Ross! They actually met very serendipitously at a coffee shop. Seriously. With the obvious similarities to the show 'Friends', they wanted me to emphasize how they met at a coffee shop and tell their story. Here's what Rachel said :  

"You absolutely NAILED IT! It perfectly captures our story in both a sweet way, and with a little tongue in cheek humor. So many people had to retouch their make-up when they saw us dancing to this song and realized the lyrics were about us!" - Rachel

All I'll Ever Need - Danny Schmitz
Julie Trevor.jpg

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